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A good illustration sometimes worth a thousand words, that's why at @BAM, we use lots of illustrations in the UI we carefully crafted.

The problem with using illustration is that we need to find them, and potentially, ask our clients to pay for them. In any case, when we need some illustration, we spent a lot of time searching, testing, and convincing our clients.

That's why we decided to make our own 3D illustration library. Inspired by the lovely 3D works by Things and Saly, we decided to create a set of most-used icons in Blender. The main idea behind this is to bring a modern and colorful touch to our UI and presentations.

Now we'd like to put our illustrations into your dispositions, you can use them for any commercial and personal use, our only condition is that you can't resell them as your creation and you keep our name in your credit :)



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100 ratings
  • 36 high-quality 3D illustrations in png

  • Size
    11.9 MB
  • 36 high-quality 3D illustrations in png
  • Size11.9 MB


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BAM Free 3D Illustration Kit

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